What is and is worth YouTube Premium?

YouTube is the largest public broadcasting platform in the world. Anyone can start a channel (Online Tech Tips has it YouTube channel too!), make content and share it with the world. YouTube has become a viable business model for many people, allowing them to earn substantial amounts of money while doing something they like.

Where does the money come from? Ads True, almost all YouTube videos show one or more ads, with revenue for both the creator and YouTube itself. Now, however, the YouTube Premium the subscription service has completely changed this dynamic.

But what is YouTube Premium? Should you sign up?

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Despite this, unlike These services are free to access most YouTube videos. So what exactly will you get if you pay the asking price for this reduced YouTube experience?

These are the main features:

  • No advertising.
  • YouTube Originals.
  • YouTube downloads and in-app playback.
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium.
  • YouTube Kids without ads with downloads.

It may not be immediately obvious why some of these features are worthwhile, but we’ll unpack each one to show why they are (or aren’t) a good reason to get YouTube Premium.

The ad-free YouTube experience

In our opinion, this is by far the first reason to be a YouTube Premium subscriber. Using YouTube without the constant onslaught of advertising is a revelation.

If you just watch some occasional clip, this may not be really real. However, most of us in the tech blogging world are very heavy YouTube users, and after the third, fourth, and fifth commercial jump in a long video, most people will grind their teeth. Once you’ve experienced YouTube without advertising, it’s very difficult to go back.

If YouTube ads really bother you, you don’t need to read any more. For you, this service is already worth it.

Original content

What’s less appealing is YouTube’s offer in terms of original content. This is, of course, largely a matter of personal taste, but we haven’t found any “must-have” content among the meager selections featured on “YouTube Originals”.

There is one categorized list of YouTube Originals on Wikipedia if you want to see exactly what is offered, but it’s not particularly long.

Download videos with the YouTube app

Depending on where you live in the world, you may already be able to download YouTube videos using the YouTube mobile app. YouTube opened this feature for free in developing countries some time ago, but if you’re not in one of these designated countries, you’ll need to pay for the privilege.

As a YouTube Premium subscriber, you will now see a download button below a video in the YouTube app. You can use this button to download the video to the local storage of your phone or tablet. This is useful for downloading videos while connected to WiFi and then saving your mobile plan data later. It is also useful if you want to watch videos on a plane or on the subway.

You only need an active internet connection every 30 days to renew your license for downloaded videos, so you can use this feature while you’re out in the desert or in any other situation where you don’t have internet for long periods of time. It’s a neat feature, but it feels a little cheeky for YouTube to put this behind a pay wall.

Let play videos in the background

Speaking of cheeky, paying for YouTube Premium lets you listen to YouTube videos in the background as you switch to other apps. Almost as if it were a podcast.

This is another feature where YouTube has no real reason to hide it behind the pay wall, other than to expand the list of premium benefits. The maximum use that this feature would get also depends on the type of content you are watching. Most people prefer to stop their videos if they need to switch to their mail app or browser.

YouTube Music Premium is an amazing offer

Now it is likely that music streaming is the future and there are many providers to choose from. Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora are just three big names in the music streaming game.

YouTube Music Premium offers its own dedicated mobile app and had its own section on the Samsung TV YouTube app we tested it with. On desktop systems, only one web interface is currently available, so music downloads are restricted to mobile devices.

Compared to industry leaders like Apple Music, our first impressions are that YouTube Music lacks a bit of dust overall, but it’s a perfectly good streaming platform and is included in the price of YouTube Premium.

This makes it tempting to cancel an existing music-only service in favor of getting YouTube Premium with Music Premium introduced. tin you get YouTube Music Premium as a standalone service, but that will only save you $ 2.

YouTube Kids is included

There has been a lot of controversy about child content (and fake child content) on YouTube, which is why the YouTube Kids app exists.

If you have kids and watch YouTube Kids, please know they won’t have to watch ads either. In fact, this will save you even more money considering all the toy ads you won’t see.

What does YouTube Premium cost?

The price of YouTube Premium varies from region to region, but in North America you pay $ 11.99 for a single-user subscription and $ 17.99 for a family plan that can include five people in your home. Each person gets their own YouTube Premium and Music subscription, which means a massive savings.

As mentioned a little earlier, the music-only option is $ 9.99, which makes absolutely no sense to pretty much everyone except the one person who wants music but never watches YouTube.

Who does YouTube Premium serve?

Overall, we think YouTube Premium is great value for money, especially when it comes to family planning. If it’s worth it Yours money is a different question. If you fit into one of these use cases, you may want to take YouTube Premium seriously:

  • Watch YouTube daily.
  • You often don’t have expensive internet or mobile data.
  • Watch content you can listen to.
  • You want to listen to YouTube’s vast library of music without ads.

Any of these use cases is good enough to make the YouTube Premium price tag worthwhile. In fact, you don’t even have to leave money to try it. At the time of writing YouTube, offer a one-month trial period, so you can see for yourself if this high-end YouTube experience you’d like to commit to.

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