Top 6 Online Paraphrasing Tools for Rewriting Text

Whether you’re writing articles, emails, or posting on social media, you may need help reformulating content or expressing yourself differently. You can do this manually to ensure better quality, but if you are pressed for time, a paraphrasing tool can help you in a bit.

Paraphrasing tools not only help you improve your overall writing tone and prevent duplication, but they also help you avoid plagiarism, especially if you want to use the same information online.

We’ve put together a list of the best free paraphrasing tools that let you paste and edit content.

QuillBot is a state-of-the-art tool that can paraphrase a portion of text or an entire article. Once you enter a phrase or portion of text and press the paraphrase button, QuillBot will rewrite your content while retaining its original meaning.

One of the main strengths of this tool is that it uses machine learning to understand, reformulate, restructure, and improve the paraphrases it makes. No wonder QuillBot is one of the best options not only for individuals but also for educational institutions and companies.

In addition to paraphrasing and reducing typing time, QuillBot also offers a built-in thesaurus feature that will help you find the perfect word every time and change individual words.

Writing modes are included to help you improve clarity and meaning, and a Word Flipper that helps you change your writing instantly.

If you don’t want to change windows every time you want to paraphrase text, QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool for that. This is because it connects to the writing tools you already use, such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Google Chrome.

The free version can paraphrase up to 700 characters, but you can purchase a premium account and paraphrase up to 10,000 characters. The premium plan also paraphrases text faster, has more writing modes, and shows you a single sentence in multiple modes so you can compare results.

Spinbot is a free paraphrasing tool that spins content that you paste or write directly into its editor.

The tool has a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface, although it includes ads. However, once the ads are over, the paraphrasing process is fairly straightforward.

Once a request is made, the Spinbot system automatically rewrites the text. However, you can use the file Ignore any to define the keywords you want Spinbot to ignore.

By default, Spinbot does not rotate uppercase words, which helps preserve uppercase words, such as titles, proper names, and the first word of each sentence. You can check it out Turn capital letters to change this setting and allow the tool to paraphrase and evaluate all words in the text.

The free version of this paraphrasing tool paraphrases up to 10,000 characters, but includes ads and captcha editor. The premium version doesn’t offer additional performance features, but you’ll get an ad-free, captcha-free publisher.

The paraphrasing tool intelligently finds the most appropriate way to paraphrase or reformulate your content. The software behind this tool weighs several factors, including the context of each word, phrase, and phrase, before deciding how best to paraphrase your content.

You can use this powerful and efficient online paraphrasing tool to paraphrase up to 10,000 characters and make your content sound clear, understandable, and intelligent.

The process starts once you paste the content into the paraphrase editor and your rewritten content appears in the adjacent text box.

The paraphrasing tool is free and you do not need to register or enter any personal information to use it.

Grammarly is a well-known digital writing assistance tool that checks for grammatical errors, plagiarism, misspellings, sentence structure errors and more.

However, not everyone is aware of Grammarly’s Reprofrasar phrase label. This feature appears in Grammarly’s list of suggestions for common phrases.

When you click on the reformulator label, the original sentence will be changed from text to two sentences. The tool can also rewrite the sentence with fewer more concise words that make the message clearer and more direct than before.

Grammatically it also has one browser extension which you can use when writing on websites without worrying about whether your content makes sense to your audience or not.

The reformulator label is available with Grammarly’s free plan. If you want more features, you can pay the Grammarly Premium and access the plagiarism checker, as well as resources that can help you properly cite and accredit content.

Duplichecker is popular for his grammar and plagiarism checking tools. You can copy and paste the text or upload a file directly and then select the file Rewrite the article to start the paraphrasing process.

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to process large portions of text and articles, each scan is done quickly and efficiently so you can get the output almost instantly.

The free paraphrasing tool also includes an extensive library of words and their synonyms, a grammar check option, and a plagiarism tool so you can do it all under one roof.

The downside to Duplichecker is that it only paraphrases up to 2,000 characters and you have to run the rewritten content using a full grammar check before using it.

If you are looking for an online paraphrasing tool, you can’t go wrong with Paraphrase Online. Whether it’s an essay or an article, the tool has a built-in keyword generator that helps you reformulate any text automatically and accurately for free.

Like other free paraphrase tools, Paraphrase Online includes ads and there are no additional performance features. In addition, the rewritten text may require further verification to ensure that the meaning has not changed and that there are no grammatical errors.

Make your writing clearer and more concise

Instead of taking a chance, use a free online paraphrasing tool to check your work before posting or handing it in to your instructor.

These online paraphrasing tools are perfect for this, but remember that they are not 100% accurate and do not always provide the quality content you want. You should carefully review the rewritten copy to make sure the readable text reflects the original meaning.

In addition, some of the tools offer additional features, such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, for free, but in most cases you will have to pay a fee to access advanced tools.

What is your favorite paraphrasing tool? Share with us in a comment.

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