Tips for using Google Docs on your mobile device

Google Mobile Docs (iOS/Android) is almost the same as the desktop version, but you are forced to use it in new ways due to the smaller form factor and lack of peripherals. Fortunately, with a little practice, you can avoid the hurdle of word processing on a touch screen.

While it can be hard to get used to the Google Docs app, you’ll quickly discover that it really makes things easier when it adapts to fast text editing and word processing. It will bring new productivity to your life during times that would otherwise be wasted.

In fact, the words you read were edited in the Google Docs application before it was published. The versatility is as endless as the desktop version once you master the user interface and mobile-focused features. Let’s see how we can master it on the mobile.

Tips for writing more easily in Google Docs Mobile

Mobile devices aren’t usually great for efficient word processing, so it’s important to first look at the best writing tips for using the Google Docs mobile app.

The first tip would be to test the text swipe function. Just slide your finger instead of touching it. This feature is now available on both Android and iOS 13. If you don’t have this feature, you can find alternatives in the app store here. As you scroll further, the prediction of the words you use will improve.

If you’re not yet a fan of typing in the Google Docs mobile app, consider using your voice. It’s as simple as tapping the microphone button and talking. The voice in the text is surprisingly accurate. If you are not convinced, doing an additional review has never hurt anyone.

One of the big problems with mobile keyboards is that you have to tap a button to get additional characters, such as numbers or punctuation. However, there is a simpler method. Instead of tapping to open the next page on the keyboard, you can hold down the button and drag your finger toward the character you want to use.

After you release the screen, the flat character will be typed and you will automatically return to the standard keyboard to save you time.

Access to Google Docs Mobile collaboration tools

If you need to collaborate anywhere, you can tap the three-point menu at the top right, then tap share and export. In the next menu, you have two options.

  • To share: Tap share to give access to specific people. More private, but requires the owner to give back access to more people.
  • Share links: Tap this to create a link that can be shared with anyone. Less private, but gives quick access to anyone who has the link.

Get images without leaving the app

One of the advantages of using a desktop is that you have several applications to change quickly. This isn’t so easy on mobile, but if you need images, you can fix them using the image search tool in the Google Docs mobile app.

  • Tap the button + in the toolbar at the top.
  • Choose imagesand then tap from the web.

You can now search for Google images from the Google Docs app.

You can also search for images from Google Drive or from the device itself. Touch any image you want and tap Insert. The line you are currently typing will appear.

Enable offline editing in the Google Docs mobile app

If you plan to edit on the fly, make sure you enable offline editing in the Google Docs app. Simply tap the three-point menu at the top right, then scroll down and tap the available offline switch to move it to the on position.

Normally, all new documents created on your mobile will be available for offline editing by default, but you must enable offline editing for existing documents.

When editing offline, you can create documents and edit accessible documents offline. However, be sure to tap the blue mark at the top left to save your changes before closing the app. Once you’re online, everything will sync again.

Highlight and comment on the Google Docs app for easy desktop editing

If you don’t want to use the Google Docs mobile app for intensive editing or typing, you can highlight areas and add comments for future editions to your desktop later.

  • Select the text or line of text that you want to comment on.
  • Press the button + at the top of the screen, then choose comments.

You can now write your comment and it will be saved in the cloud.

  • You can also hold your finger on the screen and drag to select a line of text.
  • Tap the highlight button on the bottom toolbar.

You can then choose a color for the highlight.

You’ll find the same document with your comments or highlights in Google Drive on all devices as long as you’re online when you make the latest changes.

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