Main keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

I have been using Windows 10 for over 6 months and it is much better than Windows 8. I use it on my main computer and overall I have been quite satisfied with it. Simply having the home menu back was probably the best thing Microsoft did. Today, I’m trying to become an advanced user, so I learned how to customize Windows 10 to my liking and how to use the new installation features and various desktops.

In this post, I will examine the 10 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 that I think you should definitely learn. There are literally hundreds, most of whom no one will ever use. I’ve seen several swamps write posts like Windows 10’s Top 30 keyboard shortcuts, but that’s too much for the average user. I practically only use 5 to 10 shortcuts daily. Either way, you can speed up the shortcuts a bit, especially if you have a giant flat panel with super high resolution.

The Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key – Just pressing the Windows key will bring up the Start menu with its combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 styles. I use this shortcut more often because you can only start typing the name of an app or an app from the store or settings from your computer, and then press Enter to open it.

Windows key + D – Do you miss the desk? This shortcut key will hide all windows and show you the desktop. Pressing it again will show the same windows that were previously active.

Windows key + L – This shortcut key will lock the screen in Windows 10. You can also press CTRL + ALT + DEL and then press Enter to lock the screen, but this is also a good option.

Windows key + E. – Open Windows Explorer. I’m always playing with files, so it’s a very useful shortcut. You can also configure the default folder for Explorer to open on this computer or for quick access.

Windows key + R – The Run dialog box appears, allowing you to run commands quickly. Also, it is easy to open the command prompt using this shortcut simply by typing CMD.

Windows key + tab – This will show you a thumbnail of all the programs open on the current desktop and also a small thumbnail of each desktop at the bottom. You can use the arrow keys to select a different program on the active desktop.

Windows key + I – Opens the Windows 10 configuration dialog where you can configure the network, backups, WiFi, privacy, security and more.

CTRL + Windows key + L / R arrow – This is another shortcut I use often. It allows me to quickly switch desktops using the right or left arrows along with CTRL + Windows key. Nor does the order of the first two keys matter.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – This will show the new Windows 10 task manager. The shortcut is the same as it was in previous versions of Windows.

Windows key + C – This will show Cortana in listening mode, if you have Cortana activated. I don’t use Cortana mostly for privacy reasons, but it’s me. If you use it, it’s a useful shortcut.

So these are the 10 shortcuts I’ve found so far most useful in Windows 10. Many of them use the Windows key, so it’s also a little easier to remember. Tell us what you think! Enjoy!

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