Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube: A Cheat Sheet


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Google’s video website wouldn’t be complete without all kinds of useful buttons and hidden commands that aren’t immediately obvious. Use this hotkey cheat sheet to quickly navigate YouTube and gain better control over your video browsing experience.

YouTube’s built-in keyboard shortcuts work for any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Unfortunately, they are not customizable.

Video browsing

  • Rewind 10 seconds: J
  • Fast forward 10 seconds: L
  • Play pause: K (or space, unless a button is highlighted)
  • Go to next frame (paused): ,
  • Go to the previous frame (paused): .
  • Go to the beginning: Home or 0
  • Go to the end: Final
  • Go to 10-90%: 1-9

Playback control

  • Mute / Unmute: METER
  • Increase volume (in full screen mode or if video is in focus)): Until
  • Lower volume (in full screen mode or if video is in focus)): Down
  • Accelerate the reproduction rate: >
  • Slower playback speed: <

Interface navigation

  • Activate the highlighted button: Space
  • Move between H1 headers: Shift + 1
  • Go to YouTube search bar: /
  • Go to the previous video in playlist: Shift + P
  • Go to next video in playlist: Shift + N
  • Toggle full screen: F (Esc also exits full screen mode)
  • Toggle subtitles and subtitles: C
  • Start mini-player: I
  • View hot keys: Shift +?

Many modern keyboards come with multimedia buttons to rewind, fast forward, and pause your content. YouTube is designed to work with all these multimedia keys, but their mileage may vary depending on the browser, operating system, and keyboard you are using.

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