How to set up Android ringtones

Have you ever been in a situation where you confuse someone else’s phone with yours because it has the same default ringtone? Android allows a lot of personalization and this includes the ability to change the ringtone.

You can simply choose one of the default ringtones offered by your smartphone. Alternatively, you can set custom ringtones from media files or download a new ringtone with a third-party application for maximum personalization.

Learn all the ways to set up Android ringtones and change them as often as you like.

How to enable Android ringtones

If you think your phone’s default ringtone is annoying or you may not like it, you can easily change it in your phone’s settings. To change your Android ringtone, follow these steps.

  1. Open Configuration on your smartphone.
  2. Select Sound and vibrations.
  1. Scroll down and select Ringtone.
  1. When you get the Permission application pop-up window, select Allow proceed.
  1. Under Ringtones, you will find a selection of default ringtones for Android that you can choose.

Select them one by one to hear how they sound, and then choose what you want.

How to set up custom Android ringtones

You can also set your own custom ringtone on your Android phone using the Settings app. Note that before setting up a custom ringtone for Android, you need to download the audio file to your smartphone. If you want to change the ringtone to something more personalized, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Configuration on your smartphone.
  2. Select Sound and vibrations.
  3. Scroll down and select Ringtone.
  1. Depending on your phone, there are different ways to set a custom ringtone on your Android. It can be an apartment Custom section where you will find an option for Select a file, or it could be a + icon you need to select to add a custom ringtone.

Below is a list of all the downloaded audio files. Select one to set as your new custom Android ringtone.

How to set up a custom notification sound for Android

After setting a custom ringtone for Android, you may want to go further and change the sound of notifications on your Android device. Be sure to first download a message tone or notification sound that you want to use, and then follow the steps below.

  1. Open Configuration on your smartphone.
  2. Select Sound and vibrations.
  3. Scroll down and select Default notification sound.
  1. Select Custom > Select a file and choose the audio file you want to use as the new notification sound.

You can repeat the same procedure to change the default message tone to a custom one as well.

How to set up Android ringtones for specific contacts

If you want to know who is calling before you pick up your phone or even look at it, you can set Android-specific ringtones for different contacts. This will help you identify the caller more easily and save you from getting bored of hearing the same default ringtone all the time.

To set an Android ringtone for a specific contact, follow the steps below. Please note that instructions may vary slightly depending on the smartphone you are using.

  1. Open the file Contacts on the phone and find the contact for whom you want to set the ringtone.
  1. Open the contact settings and select Edit.
  1. Scroll down and select Ringtone.
  1. Under Ringtones you can choose one of the default ringtones or select Custom and set a custom ringtone from a media file for your contact.
  1. Once you have selected the appropriate ringtone, return to the file Edit contact page and select Desa.

You can now repeat the procedure to set different ringtones for different contacts on your Android device.

How to change Android ringtones using Zedge

You can also use third-party apps and websites to search for and install new ringtones on your Android device. One of the most used applications like this is Zedge. It’s a personalization app for Android that will help you create a unique look for your smartphone, with an emphasis on wallpapers and ringtones.

Zedge lets you download and set up new ringtones in just a few clicks inside the app. There is a free version that you can use if you don’t mind the ads, or pay a subscription if you plan to use Zedge often. Here’s how to use Zedge to set up new Android ringtones on your smartphone.

  1. Open Zedge on your phone.
  1. At the top left of the screen, open the menu and select Ringtones.
  1. You can browse audio files using categories such as music genres, popular songs, or even countries, as well as search for a specific track within the app.
  2. Once you find the ringtone you like, select it in the app.
  3. Select Desa > Set the ringtone.
  4. Select Allow to give Zedge access to your media files.

You will see a pop-up message The standard ringtone has been updated, which means you have successfully changed your Android ringtone. You can also use Zedge to set up custom notifications, alarm sound, contact ringtone, as well as simply save the ringtones you want on your phone for future use.

Change the default ringtone to Something Fun

Changing the ringtone is not just a way to personalize your smartphone. It can also improve your productivity. For example, setting different ringtones for your Android device’s personal and business contacts will help keep the two worlds separate.

If you feel nostalgic for that old Nokia you had, you can also find the tone that sounds like the real phone of the past.

Do you change your Android ringtones often? Which method do you prefer to set a new ringtone: using your smartphone settings or a third-party option? Share your experience with Android ringtones in the comments section below.

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