How to make Spotify louder and sound better

Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming services available, with thousands of artists to listen to and discover. If you’re a music enthusiast using Spotify, you should know that there are settings you can modify to get the best audio experience.

These are settings on Spotify such as increasing the bass or treble, selecting the audio settings for different types of music, and changing the overall volume level.

This article on how to make Spotify stronger is written for those who use the Spotify app on iOS. You need Spotify Premium to change this setting.

How to make Spotify higher

Once you open Spotify, look for the gear symbol in the upper right, which is where you’ll find your settings. If you scroll down, you’ll see a section called Volume. There are three parameters: strong, normal or calm.

Spotify sets the default volume level to Normal. You can configure it in Loud. You may notice that in addition to the strong option, it says “it can reduce the dynamics”. Dynamics refers to the changes between loud and soft in music. Adjusting the volume to loud reduces the dynamics.

However, there is not much difference in sound quality, and for the untrained ear, the music will simply sound louder than when set to Normal.

Another parameter you will want to see is audio normalization. This is a feature that Spotify has in order to set the volume of all songs in the same way, so that songs that are louder or softer don’t sound out of place. If you turn this off, you will not be able to change the volume level. The songs will sound true to the original mix.

How to make your music sound better

In Spotify playback settings, you’ll also find an option called Equalizer. Tap this to see the equalizer bar. The equalizer adjusts the audio frequency settings for different types of music.

You can set it manually by touching and dragging the white dots to modify the audio at this frequency. Or, you can choose from several presets. These include Bass Booster, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and more. You can change these settings while playing a song so that you can hear the differences between the different settings.

Other Spotify settings for better playback

There are more options you can change in the playback settings to enhance the audio and make Spotify stronger.

Cross fading

This is the rate at which the songs you are playing fade away when one ends and the other begins. You can use the slider to change it from 0 seconds to 12 seconds.

You can also turn Gapless play on or off, which means that there will be no silence between the songs that will be played and one will start immediately after the other. You can enable Automix, which switches transitions between songs by using a specific playlist.

Plays feedback sounds

If there are feedback sounds in a song, activating them keeps them in the song. Whether it’s best to keep it on or off depends on the type of music you’re listening to and how you want to listen to it.

Musical quality

You can find the music quality settings on the Spotify main settings page in Playback. Here you can change the overall quality of music playback when playing or downloading.

For both real-time and downloaded music, you can choose from Auto, Bass, Normal, High, or Very High. The low quality is 24 kbit / s, the normal is 96 kbit / s, the maximum is 160 kbit / s and the very high is 320 kbit / s. The more quality you select, the more data or bandwidth you will use g.

Depending on the type of playback device you are using, such as headphones or speakers, you may not notice much difference. If you have high-quality devices, such as high-end speakers, taking advantage of this feature can certainly make a difference in making Spotify louder and sound better.

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