How to make a brochure in Word

Microsoft Word is essential for anyone doing any kind of document work. Word has been around for a long time, which is impossible to imagine doing office work, school or any other type of digital work without it.

While most users use only the most basic features offered by Microsoft Word, they are unaware of the capabilities they are losing. In addition to being able to open, view, and edit documents, Word gives you the ability to design greeting cards, create barcodes, and make your own brochures, among many other things.

Therefore, we make a brochure in Microsoft Word, both manually and using one of the integrated templates.

Note: The screenshots are from Microsoft Word for macOS.

How to make a brochure with a Word template

Using Microsoft Word templates saves you time and effort when working with your documents. Whether you’re making a brochure for your school project or for a popular event in the city, you can find the right template at Free Word Template Collection so you don’t have to start from scratch.

To make a brochure with Microsoft Word templates, follow these steps.

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  2. From the Word menu, select File > New Template.
  1. In the Word Document Gallery window you will see a standard selection of the most common templates.
  2. Find the search bar at the top right of the window and type brochure to search the templates. You can also use different keywords, such as event or school project to examine other thematic templates that may best suit your needs.
  1. When you find the template you want to use, select To create (o Choose if you are using an earlier version of Word).
  2. Word will download the template and you can start working on the brochure.
  3. When you are finished, select File > Save as to save the brochure.

You can customize the selected template directly within the Word document before you start working on the booklet to best suit your needs.

How to manually make a brochure in Word

If you do not find the right template, you can create a brochure in Word from scratch using the special settings on the brochure page: the design of the booklet. This design allows you to easily create and print a brochure ready for folding or binding.

To manually make a brochure in Word, follow the steps below.

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  2. Select the page Design card.
  3. Select the small arrow icon at the bottom right of the tab to open the file Page settings window.
  1. In the Page Setup window, follow the path Margins > Several pages > Booklet.
  1. Change the page Orientation a Landscape if it did not change automatically.
  2. Under Margins, you can also set the correct value of Canaló – the amount of space you want to leave for binding.
  3. Open the file Paper and select Paper size if you want to resize the brochure. Note that the physical size of the booklet is half the paper size you set.
  4. On the Design tab, you can further edit the look of the brochure. For example, you can add borders to each page by following the path Page settings > Design > Borders.
  5. When you are satisfied with all the measurements, select OK. If you have decided to format after adding the content to the brochure, you should see the formatted text automatically.

If when you finish adding content to the brochure, you see that the document is too long, you can split it into several brochures and then merge them after printing them. You can select how many pages you want to print per booklet in Margins > Pages > Brochure sheets.

How to print a brochure in Word

If you used one of the free Word templates to create a brochure, printing it is extremely easy. Brochure templates are designed to make sure the page orientation is correct when you print them on both sides of the paper. All you have to do to print the brochure is select it File > Print.

If you decide to make the booklet manually from scratch, you should check the print settings in advance to make sure you are printing on both sides of the paper and turn it upside down correctly to maintain the correct page orientation.

After selecting File > Print, check whether the printer supports automatic two-sided printing. In this case, below Configuration select Print on both sides. Then select Flip pages to the short edge to make sure you do not print the second side of each page face down.

If the printer does not support automatic two-sided printing, select Print manually on both sides and reload the pages in the printer manually when needed. In this case, you will need to flip the sheets to the short edge to maintain the correct page orientation.

Make your own booklets in Word from Scratch

Once you know your way around Microsoft Word, you can be truly creative with it and use the software to do more than just open and edit text documents. Aside from making your own greeting cards and brochures, you can do the same use Word to practice drawing and improve your artistic skills.

Have you ever used Word to create brochures? What method did you use? Share your knowledge of Microsoft Word with us in the comments below.

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