How to delete your Google Account data

If you’re deep in the Google ecosystem, you’ll probably already know that the company has a lot of information about you. Fortunately, they keep many in one place for you to download it and even delete.

Deleting your Google Account data does not delete your Google Account; you won’t lose your Gmail messages, YouTube channel, Google Drive files, etc. really it means that you delete your data from Google by deleting the records that Google keeps for you, such as the things you search on the web, the apps you open on your device, the videos you’ve been watching on YouTube, and so on.

There are two ways to remove most types of data from Google: manually and automatically. You can delete entire chunks of information at once, or you can choose exactly what you want to delete while keeping the rest. For example, you can clear yesterday’s web history, only today’s Google Assistant logs, the total value of last year’s YouTube searches, and so on.

How to delete your Google Account data

There are several categories of information that you can delete, as you can see below. Go to the section about the information you want to delete from your account.

However, first follow these two steps, which is how you go to the right page to choose what you want to delete.

  • Choose To start from Do the privacy check upper area.

Delete activity on the web and in Google applications

Web search activity is probably the main reason why people want to delete their data from Google.

By following these steps, you can clear your search entries, as well as a large amount of data that Google saves for you, such as sites you’re opening, notifications you’re deleting from your Android device, and apps you have. that you used, documents that you opened in Google Docs, apps that you visited in the Google Play Store, and more.

  • Select Delete activity by.
  • Choose the date that contains the information you want to delete or select All the time from the menu.
  • Choose a product from the list or choose All products to delete Google data that belongs to all products. Your options range from ad and book data to Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Google News, Image Search, Google Play Store, Search, Video Search, and more.

Tip: You can stop personalized ads and search results on Google from your Google Account settings.

  • Confirm with the file Delete button.

To automatically delete activity on the web and in the app, follow these steps:

  • Visit the MANAGES THE ACTIVITY OF THE WEBSITE AND THE APPLICATION page again, but this time select Choose how long you want to keep.
  • Harvest Store for 18 months or Store for 3 monthsand then choose Next.
  • Select Eliminate in the future wait until the records are 18 or 3 months old to delete them, or choose Delete now to delete the activity right now and have them deleted automatically later.
  • Choose Confirm to save changes.

Clear your Google Location History

A map of all the places your mobile device went to is recorded and stored in your Google Account while you are signed in to your Google Account. The benefits of this include better searches while using Google Maps and the ability to see where you’ve been through Google’s timeline service.

Tip: Learn how to view your Google Maps location history.

Here’s how to delete this data from your Google Account:

  • On the History page, select the gear / settings button at the bottom.
  • Choose Delete all location history.
  • Confirm with the checkbox and click DELETE HISTORY OF LOCATION.

To have Google’s location data automatically deleted from now on, follow steps 1 and 2 above and follow these instructions:

  • Select Automatically delete your location history.
  • Choose any Store for 18 months or Store for 3 months, and then Next.
  • Confirm by checking the box, then press Confirm.

Clear Google voice and audio activity

Google even stores your “OK ​​Google” records. This is to help you better understand your voice, but you can delete this data if you don’t want it to remain in your Google Account.

  • Click on the trash can icon next to any date or locate a specific entry in the list and use the button Delete from the menu (the stacked points menu).

Clear your YouTube search history

Another way Google tracks your activity is through your YouTube searches. You can delete YouTube search logs with just a few clicks:

Tip: There are many things you can do on YouTube. Check out this definitive list of tips, tricks and shortcuts.

  • Use the Delete button next to any record or day to delete your Google Account information.
  • Select Delete again to confirm.

Clear your YouTube viewing history

If you don’t want Google to remember what you saw on YouTube, it’s also easy to delete this information.

Tip: You can avoid these steps in the future by watching YouTube videos in private.

  • Use the MANAGE THE HISTORY OF YOUTUBE VIEWING link to open a new page.
  • Delete any specific entries you want, or clear the entire day’s YouTube viewing history with the trash can button.
  • Select Confirm that you want to delete the data from Google Delete.

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