Download Windows 95 as a Windows, Mac, or Linux application, because you can

Did you miss the mid 90’s? Neither do I, but Windows 95 still gives me a good feeling. You can download it right now if you want.

There’s no setup – just download and run, and you’re done. Everything is built into Electron, which means that what you are downloading is:

  • A web browser, which
  • Run a virtual machine, which
  • Run a full operating system

It’s a shocking waste of system resources and I think it’s hilarious.

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That good sense of humor continues the project’s GitHub page:

It works?

Yes! Very good, actually.

Should it have been a native app?


How is the code?

This only works fine by accident and was mostly a joke. The quality of the code is accordingly.

Download the application here, if you must. This is not entirely legal, it goes without saying, and Microsoft owns GitHub, so who knows how long this project will stay on the site. Right now though, it’s working, so enjoy the journey down memory lane.


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