Best Android Games for Kids 7-10 (2021)

A tablet or the smartphone is probably your child’s first encounter with the world of computers and the Internet. These are the best Android games for kids ages 7 to 10 that ensure these interactions are healthy and educational.

Remember that some apps may include in-app purchases. Make sure your children can’t shop without your permission by adjusting the appropriate settings in your Google Account.

Educational applications

These apps are mostly educational, but with a fun twist that will catch your child’s attention. They won’t even realize they’re learning amidst all the fun.

Endless alphabet – Unlock payment from the application (over 8 years)

Endless Alphabet has 100 interactive puzzles that are brought to life by a cast of colorful monsters. The first 7 are free, but the remaining puzzles must be unlocked with an in-app purchase. The game has been designed to provide a stress-free, pressure-free environment. There are no scores or any way to fail. It is completely autonomous. It’s a great way to add 100 words to your child’s growing vocabulary.

Endless numbers – Unlock payment from the application (over 8 years)

Endless Numbers is another entry in the “Endless” educational game series, but it focuses on inculcating the basics of math. The game is about number recognition, number sequences, detection patterns and a small addition.

It is suitable for ages up to eight years and follows the same philosophy without pressure. There are five number puzzles included for free, but you’ll have to pay an in-app fee to unlock the other 95.

Codespark Academy – 7-day trial followed by subscription (family)

Since we don’t even know what jobs there will be in the future, it’s hard to offer any kind of advice to parents as to what their children should learn, other than “learn to code“, Which is almost everyone seems to agree.

To this end, CodeSpark offers an innovative way to teach young people the fundamentals of programming. All without using words. With the help of experts from MIT, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon, the developers have found a way to teach the logic of programming with wonderful cartoon puzzles. While solving the problems faced by the main character Foo.

Action, Arcade and Adventure

These are games that mainly consist of having a fun adventure and maybe you will learn something along the way. Action games can have mild violence in cartoons, so it is recommended to guide parents.

Minecraft – $ 6.99 (family friendly)

Minecraft is perhaps the only game on this list that needs no introduction, but even 2021 is a staple of kid-friendly games on Android and beyond. The game has two modes, both in the locked world that is now so iconic.

In survival mode, you need to extract the resources needed to craft life-saving tools. You will build a shelter, try to survive the hostile creatures of the world, and explore the world around you. In creative mode, Minecraft basically becomes a LEGO game, allowing you to build everything you can imagine.

The game also has robust multiplayer features, so a group of kids (and their parents) can experience it all together. The main game has a single price, but there are optional forms of content that require additional in-app purchases.

Crossy Road – Free with in-app purchases (family-friendly)

If you’re familiar with the classic Frogger game, you already have a good idea of ​​what Crossy Road is all about. Use taps and punches to help your critter cross the road without running over. The graphics are very nice and the game is absolutely addictive. It is a free game title that tries to entice users to see ads or buy more currency to continue the game.

Luckily, and that’s why it even makes this list, the game has an age verification mechanic so kids aren’t exposed to situations where they can take advantage of something to charge their credit card bill. With this security measure in place, this excellent game is an easy recommendation.

Puzzle games

Let your child hone their problem-solving skills by understanding these fun and engaging puzzle games.

Cyberchase 3D Builder (6-8 years)

PBS Kids has released more than a few great kid-friendly apps for the Android operating system, but Cyberchase 3D Builder is perhaps the most fun of all. Starring the characters Buzz and Delete from Cyberchase, this game is about geometry and puzzle resolution in three dimensions.

Players construct 3D buildings from flat shapes using spatial reasoning. It is a unique concept that is sure to group the spatial processing bits of your child’s brain.

Thinkrolls 2 – $ 2.99 (8 years or less)

Thinkrolls 2 is a logic puzzle game that has been an award-winning success for both children and parents. The idea is to navigate the characters through increasingly complex mazes.

The problem is that the game uses simulations of physical properties such as inertia and buoyancy. By playing, children will have an intuitive understanding of how these forces work. A practical skill for potential future physicists.

Role-playing games

Role-playing games are basic for teens and adults, but there are also some safe options for younger players.

Prodigy math game – Free! (Family)

Role-playing games are a fundamental number game, so why not make a role-playing game that teaches you about numbers? Prodigy math takes on the most engaging role elements, such as creating a character, doing missions, and defeating fantastic creatures.

The underlying math questions are aligned with U.S. curricula and tailored to the individual level of the player. Math is probably the most important subject next to languages, so this is a fun way to introduce your little ones.

Stories of Monster Hunter USD 20 (7 years or more)

This game is just a normal video game. No obvious educational value or anything. It is also the most expensive game on this list, with $ 20. Once again, it is a top quality role-playing game and console, ideal for families and a pleasure to play.

It tells the story of a boy who learns to be a monster tamer and the trials he will face. It’s part Pokémon and part Final Fantasy. At the very least, a player can learn something of the value of friendship and respect nature. All in all it is an excellent game for players of any age.

Virtual pets

Whether you have real-life pets or not, virtual pet games can teach you the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet while entertaining tykes at the same time.

Animal jam – Free with in-app purchases (6-8 years)

Animal Jam is a part of the virtual pet game and an educational tool to help children get to know animals. You can adopt a pet, customize it, and chat with other players. There is a trading system, several mini-games and lots of facts about animals to learn.

If you’re concerned about your children chatting with strangers, the developers have a resource that explains exactly how to ensure a safe environment for young people.

Bubbu – My virtual pet – Free with ads and purchases integrated into the application (6-8 years)

Although Tamagotchi’s madness is long over, virtual pets remain strong. Bubbu is more like the classic Tamagotchi model than Animal Jam. You take care of the virtual kitten, you have little adventures with it and you participate in various mini games.

It’s a fun and informal experience that kids in the lower 7-10 year old, in particular, should love. The game supports ads and offers in-app purchases, so be sure to check your settings to avoid unwanted purchases.

Sim Games

Perhaps closer to digital toys than traditional games, simulation games allow your kids to tease you with a digital sandbox. Let your creativity stretch your legs in an attractive way.

Lego Tower – Free game with in-app purchases (family friendly)

Following in the spiritual footsteps of the cult classic SimTower, LEGO tower puts you in charge of managing and building a tower. This game absolutely nails the LEGO aesthetic and has a lot of familiar and collectible content from the other most popular and famous LEGO sets.

While spending real money can speed up the game, there’s nothing stuck behind a pay wall. So with a little patience and a firm attitude towards shopping from the app, it’s a great way to keep your child busy.

Infinite fun

This is just a small sample of the large number of games adapted for children from 7 to 9 years old on Android. Feel free to offer your own suggestions in the comments below. As a final reminder, all games that have in-app purchases should only be delivered to a child if you have blocked purchases with password protection.

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