7 Lesser-Known Google Services Worth a Look

Over the years, Google has launched dozens of products derived from its search engine. Some of these products we use on a daily basis, such as Gmail, while others disappeared with only a fraction of the impact as expected, such as Google Plus.

While most know about Gmail, Maps, Documents, and other great Google services, there are some that have managed to fly under the radar. However, unlike Plus, some have proven to be quite useful and stand strong against competitors.

In this article, we take a look at seven lesser-known Google services that everyone should take a look at and consider using.

Google Keep is a Google note-taking service released in 2013, with cross-platform compatibility on the web, Android and iOS. While the iOS Notes app is also accessible via a web interface, to get them on Android you need to sync them via a Gmail account.

The cleaner cross-platform implementation of Google Keep makes it an ideal alternative, allowing users to take notes in the form of text, images, audio and lists. Keep can also be integrated directly with Gmail, making a single browser window extremely powerful for productivity.

For anyone who has been on the Internet since the 2000s, free web hosts like Geocities, Angelfire and Tripod can be a good memory. Back then, the web was booming with free, non-commercial websites with information and media that everyday people created and published.

Free web hosting is a thing of the past, but Google Sites is a little-talked about gem. The overall goal of Google Sites is that “anyone can create simple websites that support collaboration between different publishers.” With Google Sites, users can post template-based or custom HTML content to the web for free.

Google Alerts is the best way to monitor the most important search engine on the web for new results. Google Alerts looks at Google for a search query that the user chooses, and as soon as it finds results, either daily or weekly, it will automatically send you an email to let you know what it has found.

For anyone aware of managing their brand or reputation online, Google Alerts is an absolute must. There are so many uses for alerts, some obvious and practical, but others unique and special, and we are surprised that there is no more talk of this service when it comes to Google’s best services.

As a web designer or developer, Google Fonts is a must. Gone are the days of searching through torrents or files full of random fonts, now that Google has provided one of the cleanest and most complete ways to view, sort, and download some of your fonts and families. most important fonts on the web.

All fonts that appear in Google Fonts include a quick preview, a set of preview styles, glyphs, a page about Source and source creations, and more.

It currently indexes 988 of the most used font families on the web and makes the download a matter of a few mouse clicks.

For comparison shoppers, Google Shopping is a great tool. Shopping is Google’s way of tailoring its search engine specifically to physical products, which are indexed in thousands of trusted stores across the web and displayed in a format suitable for shoppers showing prices, reviews, and product details.

Google Shopping’s ordering options allow users to find the products they need based on price and review score, and it adapts well to websites and similar apps for finding deals, such as SlickDeals and CamelCamelCamel. Before you pull the trigger and buy that sleek new toy for the office, check out Google Shopping to see if cheaper prices can be found.

Google forms it’s always been an ugly duckling in Google’s suite of documents, spreadsheets, slides, and forms. This collection of web services competes directly with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, where there is no exact alternative to forms.

However, Google Forms is one of the easiest survey management web applications available. It’s a great way to make interactive forms that allow for text responses, multiple options, and more. Forms can cause your questions to be shuffled in a random order, answers can be limited to one per person and more.

It is very configurable and very easy to get started. For anyone who needs to collect data from a group of people, Google Forms is a great option.

Simply put, Google Sky is in our sky as Google Maps and Earth are on our planet. Sky is a Google product that allows users to navigate a celestial map showing stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and more.

Sky supports different views, such as infrared, microwave and historical, offering the user different perspectives and experiences while browsing freely. Users can click and drag to fly quickly or even use a search field to type coordinate or coordinate names they would like to see.

These seven Google services are often not mentioned, but they make the Internet a much more useful and interesting place. If you have another Google favorite that you think is underestimated, please leave a comment below.

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