7 Google Home Mini features you’ll love

Google Home Mini is one of the most popular smart assistants. It is small in size, has an elegant design and a wide range of features that make it an attractive choice for many people. Especially if they don’t want the Google Home air freshener design to be displayed.

Another reason why Google Home Mini is such a popular choice is because of the amount of features it has. Outside of its basic smart assistant functionality (i.e. answering questions, playing music, and controlling smart home devices), Google Home Mini or Nest Mini, if you have the latest version, can do a lot month.

Here are the best additional Google Home Mini features you’ll love.

Google can find your phone

How often do you lose track of your phone throughout the day? Sometimes it’s as simple as the device sliding between the sofa cushions, but sometimes you adjust it and forget where you put it. It happens to everyone.

The good news is that Google can call your phone. All you have to do is program your number into your account and then ask, “Hey Google, find my phone.” This feature works with both Android and iPhones, so you can prevent your spouse from calling your phone.

Google can perform daily routines

One of the main advantages of having a smart home is the ability to automate many mundane tasks. You may not think much about doing it, but turning off all the lights (or even asking Google to do it individually) takes a long time.

With Google Home Mini, you can create routines that will be activated when you say a specific phrase. For example, you can say “Hey Google, good morning” and you can program your device to turn on lights all over the house, start making coffee, and start the morning playlist.

You can set custom phrases for custom routines. Something like “Hey Google, game time” could dim the lights, turn up the volume on a connected soundbar, and turn on the Xbox to have a good night of gaming.

Google can broadcast to all devices

How many times have you needed to get all the family members together, but haven’t found an easy way to do it without calling everyone in the house? If you have more than one Google Home Mini in your home, one of the features of the Google Home Mini is the ability to stream to all devices at once.

You can say something like, “Hi Google, it sounds like it’s time for dinner.” After giving the order, a dinner ring will sound from each device. You can also use it as an intercom, even if you’re not at home. If you tell the Google Assistant that you want to broadcast on your home phone, the message will be transmitted to each home device.

Google can be a white noise machine

Many people find it impossible to fall asleep without any sound in the background: a TV, a ceiling fan, or a white noise machine. If you fall into one of these camps, your Google Home Mini can help. You can ask Google to play multiple sounds, and your device will respond.

Sounds are not limited to just white noise. You can request specific tracks, such as the sound of rain or the forest. Regardless of the environmental noise that helps you sleep better, there are more chances than average that Google can reproduce it.

Google can work as a phone

If you’ve linked your contacts to your Google Account, the Google Home Mini includes hands-free features. It’s easy. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, call mom” and the device will dial your mom’s number.

Best of all, Google’s voice recognition feature means it will recognize the voices of regular users. Because everyone has a “mother” on their phone, Google can tell who is talking to them and call the right “mother” based on the speaker.

Google can be a personal assistant

How often do you fix something and think, “Will I forget where this is?” Instead of trying to remember where you put something, just tell Google. If you say “Hey Google, my replacement key is in my desktop drawer,” Google will remember.

When you start searching for your key and can’t find it anywhere, ask Google where it is and it will tell you where you last placed it.

Google can adjust the volume of your TV

Have you lost your remote control? Don’t worry, just ask Google to turn on the TV, broadcast your favorite show, or adjust the volume. If you have a Chromecast plugged into the back of your TV, the Google Home Mini can act as a remote control.

If you’ve linked your streaming services to your Google Account or Chromecast, you can play specific episodes, skip the ones you don’t like, and more, with just your voice.

Google Home Mini is a great tool with an equally affordable price. Many people see it as insufficient because it is an earlier model to the Nest Mini, but there are no worthwhile differences between the two devices.

If you’re looking for an affordable and useful smart assistant to use at home (or even to serve as a Bluetooth speaker in an office), try picking up a Google Home Mini. It will not disappoint you.

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