7 best apps to turn up the volume for Android

For most smartphone owners, the audio quality of the built-in speakers can be low and the sound almost never enough.

If you want to set different volume levels for individual applications or if the volume hardware keys on your Android device are broken, there are many ways to extract more power from native volume controls. One of these ways is to use a volume boost app.

Whether you’re listening to a podcast or enjoying Netflix with your friends, we’ll show you the best volume boosting apps for Android increase the sound level and quality on your device.

Note: You can enhance the audio output of the device damage the headphones, speaker or their hearing.

The best volume apps for Android devices

Choose an application from the following options, and you should not replace the device only with low volume.

1. Precise volume

Precise Volume is a volume boost app that overrides the standard 15-step volume limit on Android devices with its 100-step volume levels. The application connects to the audio system of your phone or tablet and gives you more options to control the volume.

There are presets that are activated when you plug in headphones, an equalizer with sound amplifier and bass amplifier, as well as custom volume levels for different applications. In addition to greater volume control, the app automatically sets the volume when you need it most.

You can also set the volume for different Bluetooth devices, headphones, apps, and more. Additionally, you can set it up so that when you connect a device to the headphone jack of the device, the application will open a dialog box asking you which default settings to use for the headset.

The app can be downloaded and used for free, but you can get the Pro version and access advanced features such as screen override, which controls behavior while the screen is off or your phone in your pocket. In addition, you can change the number of volume steps between 0-1.000000 and enable the dark mode for night viewing.

2. GOODEV volume booster

Volume Booster is a free volume boost app for Android that increases the volume of headphones or speakers while playing music, audiobooks, or watching a movie on your device.

The app is small and simple, but very powerful and versatile to use when you want to increase the volume beyond the standard levels provided by your Android device.

However, the app developer recommends moderation while using the app, as it can damage your hearing or speakers when used for an extended period of time. Also, the app doesn’t work with all Android devices, especially those running Android versions 4.2.1 to 4.3, nor is it ideal for adjusting the speaker volume to phone calls.

3. Equalizer

If you want to improve the sound quality, you can use an equalizer, as it not only makes the device louder, but also offers an enhanced audio experience, regardless of style.

The Equalizer Volume Up app for Android offers a five-band equalizer driver with a sound amplifier, bass amplifier, 11 predefined sound profile profiles, and reverb presets. The app also offers frequency slider to help you tame any distortion, and you can create your own default settings if you upgrade to the premium version.

If you have good quality headphones or earphones, you can use Bass Boost for a more exciting audio experience when listening to your favorite music or watching a movie with surround sound.

4. VLC for Android

VLC for Android is a free media player that plays discs, network streaming protocols, devices, and most media files. You’re probably wondering what you’re doing on this list, but it’s a great alternative to downloading and using a standalone volume boost app for Android devices.

The complete audio player includes an equalizer, filters and plays all audio formats, including unusual ones. Plus, you don’t have ads, spyware, or in-app purchases.

The app supports gestures to control the volume, control audio headphones, and offers widgets for audio control, covers, and an entire audio library.

VLC for Android is a quick fix to volume issues, especially for music and movies, and you can increase the sound by up to 200 percent using the Audio Boost feature. An equalizer with predefined sound profiles is included so you can choose what you like best.

5. Boom

Like VLC for Android, Boom is a music player app with a built-in equalizer, bass boost, and other audio enhancements for a better listening experience. The app also provides system-wide audio effects, including volume, equalizer, and virtualizer presets.

If you play music from Spotify, Apple Music, or other music streaming services, you’ll love Boom’s 3D surround sound quality on your headphones. Not only that, you can also access podcasts or radio stations, so you don’t just listen to music on your phone.

Basically, you have a volume up app and a music player in a single app, but you’ll have to pay for the service after the 7-day free trial.

6. FX equalizer

Equalizer FX allows you to improve the sound quality of your Android device and enjoy more of your audio listening experience. The app offers features that allow you to adjust sound effect levels and get the most out of your music.

These features include an equalizer to change the sound frequency wrapper, increase bass to amplify or increase bass frequencies, and a volume enhancer to increase sound intensity. Plus, get virtualization to enhance the stereo effect, 12 presets, or you can create your own equalizer widget for the home screen.

The app can be downloaded for free and works with music players as well as Spotify, Pandora and other audio streaming services.

7. Podcast addict

Podcast Addict is not only the leading podcast app, but there are many things you can do with the app in terms of enhancing your listening experience through volume boost settings.

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you’ve probably come across some podcasts that don’t have great sound quality, which means you’ll need to turn up the volume if you need to listen to something. For this reason, Podcast Addict is a great app for you to get a built-in equalizer that will help you adjust the sound while reducing noise or music from your audience.

Need an app to turn up the volume for Android?

While one volume up application can help improve the audio or sound quality of your device, not all of them are genuine. Some of the options you’ll find in the Play Store include intrusive ads, while others are just junk or junk apps that promise to turn up the volume, but will cost you to make them work.

There are other ways to increase the volume of Android devices, in addition to using a dedicated application, and these methods include:

Turn it up

With the right volume boost app, your Android device can be much louder than you think. Regardless of the application you choose to use, there is still the risk of damaging the hearing, headphones, or speakers of the phone if the volume is too high for long periods of time.

Do you have a favorite app to turn up the volume? Tell us in a comment.

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