6 best goal tracking apps for iPhone and Android

If you could use a little help tracking specific goals you want to accomplish, such as losing weight, learning languages, or getting enough sleep, you need a goal tracking app.

Goal trackers allow you to set, remember, and track your goals. However, not all of these apps will work for everyone, as they are all built with some unique features.

If you struggle to keep track or maintain self-discipline to meet your goals, our options for getting the best goal tracking apps will help you keep track and with your habits wherever you go.

The best goal tracking apps for iPhone and Android

Before choosing a goal tracking application, check for features such as goal tracking features, reminders features and ability to review your goals on a daily basis using charts or progress reports. Also, make sure the app helps you build habits related to your goals. For example, grouping tasks related to a goal you are working on.

Try these goal tracking apps to set goals, track your progress, and finally remove some items from your repository list.

1. stripes (iOS)

If you want to manage multiple goals at once, Streak makes it easy for you. The app has a minimal but colorful interface and offers support for a dozen custom habits, including beautiful icons to customize your goals.

You can set a goal that you have successfully achieved, which in turn reduces the friction involved in tracking goals. In addition, you can customize goals with detailed settings, including timers to keep track of reading or meditation activities, days, and the number of goals completed per day.

Streak also lets you tap a target to hold the streak, or use Siri shortcuts to assign a custom phrase to your target. The application integrates with Apple Health so that when you register your goal in the app or any other health app, it will automatically update your progress.

If you can’t reach your goals on time or haven’t visited your tasks in a long time, Streaks will help you get back on track by offering helpful tips for taking advantage of them.

2. Way of life (Android, iOS)

Way of Life is a wonderful app with lots of graphics and charts to help you see your progress. Once you’ve chosen a goal action, you can tell the app which goal you want to develop or get rid of.

The app’s interface has a simple color-coding scheme, so you’ll get a blatant green or red color whether you hit a target or not, respectively. This way, you can clearly see your daily progress and effectively track your goals.

Way of Life’s built-in reminder system provides daily reminders of what you did if your goal was to create a good habit, or what you avoided if you broke a habit. You can use the customizable tagging feature to group habits and the note-taking feature to record important notes.

You can use Way of Life for free or subscribe to your payment plan to track more than three habits and unlock premium features included access to cloud storage.

3. TickTick (Android, iOS)

TickTick is a complete to-do list application with reminder and habit tracking features. If you’re familiar with Todoist, you’ll find the TickTick design easy to navigate and use to manage your goals and tasks.

Whether you need to continue your training regimen or want to develop a new habit, TickTick will help you get things done and keep your life on track.

Some of the key features of this app include multiple reminders, the ability to set flexible recurring tasks, add tasks via email, create checklists, and synchronize tasks between devices.

You can set a goal to develop a habit, classify your goals with tasks, and set priority levels, or sort goals by date, name, or priority. TickTick also integrates with the Health app to sync your data, and you can use Siri to create goals and tasks faster and easier.

The app has basic habit tracking features and runs on almost any device platform, including Apple Watch. You can use it for free or upgrade it to your payment plan and access premium features for less than $ 3 a month.

4. Coach.me (Android, iOS)

Coach.me is a leading goal tracking application that offers personalized coaching services and access to a support community.

The user interface is beautiful and easy to use. Simply choose your goal, start tracking your progress, and gain additional motivation through rewards for maintaining and achieving your goals.

The app allows you to check your habits as you go through them, and you can use community features, such as the discussion thread, to connect with other users. This way, you can share ideas on how to achieve your goals effectively and gain encouragement or support while pursuing your goals.

The Coaching section of the app offers more personalized assistance and affordable training for any goal or habit you want. Your coach will check in periodically to make sure you maintain your habit and give you ideas for getting back on track where you have problems.

Coach.me is free for tracking habits, but hiring a coach will cost you € 20 per week or more.

5. Advances (iOS)

If you want different ways to track different goals, you’ll get a launch in the Strides app. The app has a clean, professional user interface that visually presents your progress and projected results so you can understand your progress.

Strides is ideal for long-term habits such as sleep monitoring, keep track of gym progress or save money. You can track habits, projects, averages and goals using different tools.

You can set goal streams, label bad habits, and choose from a list of habits to get started. You can also view your habits on a dashboard, create daily checklists, and receive reminders of all unfinished habits so you can keep up your streak.

Strides provides charts, graphs, and lines showing your current lines and estimated completion dates. The app also keeps track of projects and your progress so you know where to focus.

6. Pathways (iOS)

Goals on track is designed to help you be more productive. The app is based on principles of personal development and psychology to guide you through the goal setting process.

The app provides templates that you can use to create your goals and customize your action plan. Once you’ve completed a goal or action, you can put a check mark next to it to track your progress.

In addition, there is a native goal journal that allows you to record your progress and get a visual guide to your successes through the habit tracker. A goal board is included that shows an overview of the goal objectives, with progress bars and percentage of completion next to each goal.

You can use the Vision Board and SMART Goal feature to achieve better goals to increase productivity. You can also create sub-goals, which are tasks that you have to perform under each of your main goals.

Targets on the track is free to use, but you can upgrade to the premium plan to access more features.

Keep track and achieve your goals

If you are not creating or working towards a goal, you may be stuck in life or business.

Whether you prefer to manage your goals from your laptop or mobile device, there are many options to keep track of your personal activities. However, with these six apps you can focus and achieve even your most ambitious short- or long-term goals.

If you need to keep track of your health goals, you can take a look at our guide to the best smartphone health tracking apps for health.

What is your favorite goal tracking app? Tell us in the comments.

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