14 handy Google spreadsheet templates for everyday use

Google Spreadsheets templates don’t always generate boring business documents. They can have amazing time-saving uses when you apply them to everyday situations with the family. While there are some official templates in the Google Spreadsheets template gallery, you can find many more on third-party sites.

We did a search and found several Google Spreadsheets templates that you can use in the kitchen, gym, garage, and while planning a vacation. These simple templates will also not overwhelm you with too much data.


The housework

Family chores can be boring and no one does them with passion. Use this template to make things easier. Take an area and not only assign responsibilities, but also give incentives to your family to finish each one. The single staff can cover seven weeks of household chores.

Home inventory spreadsheet

Vertex42 is known for its universe of free templates. The home inventory list will help you keep a current list of household assets for insurance purposes. You can also use it to keep track of everything you need when moving into a new home. The free Google Spreadsheets template also works with Excel and OpenOffice.

Task tracker

Are you involved in your children’s studies? This is a useful template for keeping track of all your ongoing homework. Add subjects or courses to the “Topics” tab. Then complete it with the tasks, status, time required, when they plan to do it, and when needed.

Vehicle maintenance record

The Vertex42 vehicle maintenance record will help you keep a record of each date of service, work performed, mileage in service and cost. Enter the dates of the replaced parts and fluids and you can estimate the cost of future replacements and plan for it. You can keep the template next to the service schedule provided by the manufacturer and keep the car in top shape.


Exercise table

This is a simple printable template from Vertex42. You don’t want to spend too much time following your sets and reps. Write them down quickly as you gradually increase the intensity of your exercises. Use the template for cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

Habit Tracker spreadsheet

The habit tracker spreadsheet template may seem overwhelming at first with its multiple tabs. But calm it down and you’ll see that it will only take two minutes to fill up each week or just a minute if you use it every day.

The template provides you with simple and detailed breakdowns. Keeping track of your habits will show you which ones to focus on. If you have a visual inclination, you can use graphs to see your progress over time.

The author has also provided different versions of the crawler that you can consult with the instructions.


Monthly budget

This official Google Spreadsheets template gives you an overview of your financial situation for the month. Use one tab as a balance sheet and the other to plan your expenses in different chapters. This is a simple template that anyone with a basic sense of money can use throughout the month.

Savings calculators

The trick to early retirement is to save early and prudently. This is a handy template and a built-in calculator that can allow you to do this. The template will help you achieve your goals by showing you the future value of your savings and investments.

30/30/20 Simple Budget Planner Budget

In his own words, Bobby Hoyt teaches millennials how to make more money, invest more, and pay off debt. While there are several budget templates in place, we would like to draw your attention to this unique 30/30/20 budget planner.

The staff follows the simple philosophy of personal finance: distribute 50% of your income to your needs, 30% to your needs and 20% to your savings. Then let your savings be achieved over time. Money management is as simple as this.


Travel planner with advantages and disadvantages

Trip planning can be impulsive or well thought out. If you’re a fan of the latter, this official Google Spreadsheets template is designed for you. When you have multiple destinations on your deposit list, use the columns to weigh their pros and cons before limiting your itinerary.

Holiday checklist

The thoughtful part of this holiday packaging list template is that it has a separate tab for kids. You can forget about binoculars, but you can’t do without your Nintendo and the charger. So print it out well in advance of your travel date and start packing your bags.

And when you’re on Google Drive, check out the Google Drive utility Google Forms as a practical expense tracker.


Simple task checklist

The simple checklist remains one of the most powerful planning tools known to man. Everyone, from surgeons to astronauts, uses it. You can do this on any analog or digital tool, but this template is so well formatted. Use the Google Spreadsheets template gallery to find it, then click print.

Meal planning on the grocery list

Food and grocery planning is a time-saving exercise if you have a busy life. It can also save you money, as it prevents you from buying impulses. This free template will help you establish your plans a week in advance and then you can fill out the shopping cart. Request editing access and get a copy of the template.

This could even motivate you to start thinking about building a smart kitchen and saving more time.

Google 2020 Spreadsheets Calendar

We end with a simple calendar template. You may have Google Calendar on your computer and mobile, but there’s still a small place in the fridge door for a simple design of days and months. This printable calendar template is just for that. You can customize the calendar with your own images. Then print the year or do it every month.

Master recurring tasks with Google Spreadsheets templates

A Google template and a printer can be wonderful partners. Think about your unique situation at home and how you can save a few seconds with a template.

Google Docs has enough powerful tools (like these useful Google Drive add-ons) to turn a flat page into a beautiful document. You can save this document as a template and use it when needed.

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